Pex Website Home Page Design FREE Photoshop PSD

Pex Website Home Page Design FREE Photoshop PSD

The Pex Website Home Page Design FREE Photoshop PSD is scintillating and large due to its fantastic design. The color options look pristine and come in very handy for your web projects. Also the images lift the design values much as several other design aspects. Checkout on the PSD design and consequently make your smart move. Download, Land it, and Share the Experience!!!

From the Author:

Pex is a free website home page Photoshop PSD. A image heavy and block layout template, also this website design really suits bold colors, large headline text and dominant imagery. Designed by yours truly, Blaz Robar.

1180px Gird

Pex is designed to a 1180px responsive grid. The grid framework has multiple column options in the layer panels so you can pick and choose your elements column width to work from.

Unsplash Images

As usual, of course, all images sourced in this free PSD website template come from the amazingly cool and free Man I’d love to make love to that website. So much photographic goodness, much photo, such drool.


Not as overly exciting as sexy photography, but just as awesome, all the fonts used in the PSD design come from our the girl next door company – google fonts. Pex Photoshop template uses, and abuses the Open Sans font family which we all love to overuse.

PSD created by Blaz Robar

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